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Monday, May 22, 2006
how am i?!

my first week as a helpdesk specialist is over. The job profile is to take escalated / sup calls for the entire shift, it may seem scary and stressful but its not. Its just like taking normal calls, it's just that most of them are irate and upset. The sad part is i got 1 "F" rating from QA! It was a 10minute call, customer was shouting and swearing but i was able to assist her and it was a good call... unfortunately, i failed to leave a note that the customer mentioned once, just 1 time in the whole 10minutes that she will call an attorney... grrrr....
I still dont have email access in the office, i wish i do so that i can send my entries to my email and just update it over the weekend... Hope i can get 100% "A's" this week, dont want to be screwed! Guys, please pray for me!

at home, my mom gave me a FLASHDRIVE... its a portable hard drive, so that i can take / access / use my files thru any pc! Its sooo cool!

In the office, well, everything seems to go on smoothly... about my bes, he will still and always be my bestfriend. We promised each other that nothing will get in the way of our friendship... i just hope he keeps that promise too. The thing is, i hate it when he's sad...if only his girlfriend would stop demanding unreasonable things from him. Grrr...

Posted at 7:46 pm by Purplesecret

Thursday, May 11, 2006
its my BIRTHDAY today!!!

it's my birthday today! my wishes?! well, I just want to stay happy and be with the people that I love...

what's up?! I had my hair dyed hazel brown last week... I could say that I look better! hehehehe...

yesterday, we got the results for the helpdesk specialist position... I'm in!... promoted once more! yahoo! it was really a great birthday gift! the job is ESCALATION SPECIALIST... they take escalated calls [sup calls], do email, give feedback to agents... the people next in line to be real coaches that handles agents when the opportunity arises. I'm making it my stepping stone to become a coach... I really see myself managing a team.

about my crush, he is now just a pigment of my imagination, I don't want to complicate things... I guess we're better off being the best of friends... there are things that u can always tell your best friend that you can never tell your boyfriend right?! we do bring out the best in each other. that's why I love him but cant have him. imp pretty contented anyways with how things are going on my end...

I've watched on DVD the movie : "if only" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, gosh, it's soooo romantic, it really made me cry!

another DVD I watched was "the perfect love" starring Hilary Duff... it's a feel good film! I do believe that there is a perfect man/woman for each of us... somewhere... someday... I know I'll be meeting him...


Posted at 12:13 pm by Purplesecret

Sunday, April 30, 2006
-+-+-+ no nonsense -+-+-+-

i saw my crush there everyday but i guess, the friendship means a whole damn lot to me and eventually, IM SURE... it will fade since im not really going to see much of him from now on. he's really special but, its not meant to be... haha... honestly, i have 2 crushes, 1 was because he was soo damn good looking, and another 1 was my kind-of-bf but cant!!!

i have been a support for travel pod batch 93 this week... shift was 6:30am to 3:00pm. it was a fun week, tiresome yes but it was fun. I will never forget you guys: coach roy, my babies from buddy pod- moses and sandy, my mini travel pod babies- von and bogs, my new kiddos- kit, gabs, joan, tootsie & julie. i really bonded with all of them... here's some pix....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

my son moses since buddy pod... i guess, it was a blessing that he was assigned to me, we're best friends now and still he's my son and im a mommy... thank you for trusting me. please keep your promises!

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Posted at 8:00 pm by Purplesecret

Sunday, April 23, 2006
my love...

My Love

The words you whisper to me,
are so soft and so dear.
The sound of your voice,
is like sweet thoughts in my ear.

Your scent melts my body,
like ice on a hot day.
Your touch sends chills down my body,
like the first time I met you.

You are everything to me,
my life; my destiny,
and most of all,
you complete me...

Posted at 6:52 am by Purplesecret

Saturday, April 22, 2006

im currently using my sister's laptop! it's sooo pretty, planning to buy one myself...but i guess, it'll take me a couple of months since i just bought my N70 and i also bought my sister nokia6680[black edition]...

i saw my crush once more... oh, forgive me, it's just an inspiration... hay, but i guess i'm just a friend to him which is better so that things wont be that complicated.... i dunno... he's just special to me i guess. we're also in texting terms.... i installed a smarthide software thru my phone so that all that he text and all text i send to him wont be shown in my regular inbox and sent messages... have to go to the file, enter a password, before i can access his message.. techy huh?! ugh... what-a-life!

Posted at 12:08 pm by Purplesecret

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