Entry: what can i do? Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my Mom told me that my Dad is having a hard time urinating, and his penis is red, it looks like it was used. My guy cousin takes care of my Dad every night for 5 nights  a week. We don't know if my Dad is being abused by my cousin because we don't have enough proof. But there was one night when my Dad hugged my Mom and he's crying and he's pointing at my cousin then he doesn't want to let my Mom go out of the room. I really hate to think that my cousin is maltreating my Dad but since last week, his weight dropped and got thin big time. I wanna cry, because we can't tell my aunt that I want to hire a nurse to take care of my Dad instead of my cousin because my Aunt might stop  helping us,. We don't have any more money to support my Dad's medication and necessities. According to my Mom, my Dad follows my cousin whenever he says: move sideward or raise your right armů I told my Mom, Daddy is probably scared of my cousin that's why he follows. We can't really accuse someone. But what else can I do. How do we explain the fright my Dad felt. When it comes to taking sides, my Aunt will 100% take his word against ours. Wish I could win the Lotto or something so that my Dad will really get better.



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